If your money could talk… What would it say?

There are five things your money is trying to tell you right now. And if you know how to listen, then you can get back control and eliminate the hype, fear and noise.

There’s A Better Way To Invest & Manage Your Money

People often believe money doesn’t have a voice.

But actually, it does. And it’s trying to tell you what’s best for you. And if you just listen you will know how to create certainty, stability and joy in your life and investments today.

And then you can become an even bigger difference maker to your cause, community and change that you want to see in the world.

First - Your money is trying to tell you there’s a difference between the “earnings world” and the “growth world.” And if you confuse the two your life can be damaged… over and over again.

Second - Your money is trying to tell you to stop putting yourself at the center of your investment world. Your money knows you’ve been taught your age and self-described risk tolerance is king. The problem, its making things worse.

Third - Your money is trying to tell you there’s a silent enemy that every investor must acknowledge and defeat in order to create long-term wealth regardless of income, age or market conditions.

Fourth - Your money is trying to tell you there’s only one number that actually matters most to your financial life. Your money knows when you shift your attention to this one number you instantly create more stable returns.

Fifth - Your money is trying to tell you that going it alone leads to a smaller life with less choices and more unknowns. Your money knows you won’t get extra credit for working hard and reinventing what already exists.

My Message Is Simple: There’s A Better Way

A way where you can tell between a correction and a crash. A way that can eliminate the noise, B.S., hype and confusion. A way that puts you back in control of your money and your future.

So how can I help?

We jump on the phone and we take a look at what is working and not working with the management of your money.

You could have a traditional Big-Box Advisor managing your money or you could be a DIY, pick of the month” newsletter follower… or both. It doesn’t matter.

What we most want to figure out is, What’s hiding in your blind spot.

The investment world is complex, but the solution can be powerfully simple.

If you meet our criteria AND are committed to finally figuring out where the biggest gaps are in your portfolio and investments THEN the following three steps will be easy:

  1. You fill out a 5 minute questionnaire. This supports our breakthrough session and allows us to be laser focused on the call and identify what is not working.
  2. You then schedule a time to get on the phone with me. These slots are limited and fill up. So act now.
  3. You are on time and treat this conversation like your future depends on it.

So what happens next?

We talk, and I identify that biggest gap in your financial life and I offer a solution. And of course you are free implement the offer or not.

So go ahead, I’ll make sure this time is very valuable to your life and money. No pitching. No making you feel bad. Just a safe, open but direct conversation about what your money is trying to tell you.

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