The Intelligent Investor Training Course

An interactive group training course, committed to teaching you how to avoid the big drops and grow income from your money, led by RC Peck — certified financial planner and registered investment adviser.

How Does Our Training Work? Simple...

1. Get Lifetime Access to all 6 Training Modules

Each module is designed so your brain dumps the head-trash while learning what really works with ease and almost instant understanding. We meet you where you are.

2. Engage in Personalize Homework So Your Money Gets The Most From Training

Each Module is accompanied by homework assignments that are designed to transform the way you think and behave around money.

3. Participate in Small Group Coaching Calls Hosted by RC Peck, CFP

Get out of your head. And get into a conversation about your money. I cannot tell you how dangerous it is to invest and learn by yourself. This is where the magic brings everything together.

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Will This Training Work For You?

To be accepted into the training you must meet certain criteria. Our students typically:

Have over $500k at risk in the markets and/or earn over $150,000.

Tried the Big-Box Advisor World...and realized they could not help.

Are skeptical, but still committed to learning what works.

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