Clarity & Control Course

Grow Your Money with Extreme Clarity by identifying the "sails" and anchors" in your portfolio.


If you are here then most likely you have tried the big-box advisor world and realized they aren’t able to help you any more or have barely helped. Or perhaps you’ve tried the pick-of-the-month newsletter world and are realizing they are causing more anxiety, stress and angst then relieving it. 

This micro-training is a very small bit of what I believe you’ve been looking for. I believe what you’ve been looking for is to grow and protect your money regardless of manipulation, recessions, politics or even your own personal biases. All without having to trade, time or tune into the latest news cycle. 

There is a better way. A way that naturally switches on your RAS (reticular activating system) to filter for the strongest (read: safest) parts of the market. Without the outdated strategy of OVER-diversifying or basing your investments on the year you were born. This Micro-Training gives you a taste to just how powerfully simple investing can be when you think in pictures and not terms. 

RC Peck, CFP has been training people’s brains to find success around money since 1998. He also helped his client’s avoid both stock market recessions (2000 and 2008). Best of all his one of a kind approach trains people to eliminate investment stress, market stress, financial angst and overwhelm so they keep and grow their money.

Over the past 20 years, as markets reached new heights, taken incredible blows and been increasingly manipulated... RC has successfully trained people to spot the difference between a crash and a correction, and filter out all the noise and confusion by doing less. And despite a zero and negative interest rate world with more government intervention the filter he trains his clients to use has only gotten stronger.

Table of Contents

Part I - Why This Matters

00:11 minutes — Framing the training video below so you can get the most from it and understand what it is and isn’t. 

00:39 minutes — What to do when you feel mad, angry or judgement towards me and the material. If that is to happen.

01:02 minutes — Why buying the micro-training course is just the beginning, but an important one.  

Part II - The Micro Training

00:51 minutes — Growing your money with more clarity can be simple. Here’s the simple math behind your missing growth.

01:54 minutes — Verifiable evidence that over-diversification has been hurting your money, income and growth.

02:53 minutes — How long should I stay out of international stocks… or even domestic?

04:17 minutes — The magical price chart that shows you the jumping off and getting in points for your money and investments. 

05:09 minutes — An example of how to train your brain to think visually. 

06:10 minutes — The exact cost to a portfolio by not getting trained to behave visually. 

09:59 minutes — The difference between education and learning the vocabulary and getting trained to act the way your money wants you to act.

12:13 minutes — How to price your investments in different “currencies” to get clear signals.

14:19 minutes — How a one-time $10,000 investment can grow your portfolio 30% faster regardless of what’s going on in the world. 

16:55 minutes — How to flip an image so you can naturally turn your brain on to create more growth in your life. 

17:57 minutes — Is everyone trainable or are some people’s situations outside the structure of visually thinking and behaving? 

Part III - What's Next?

00:05 minutes — What to do now that the micro-training is over.

00:26 minutes — What are the next steps if this is what you might have been looking for. How do I take the next steps so I can get what I want.

00:56 minutes — How to get your conscious brain and unconscious brain working together instead of against each other. 

01:18 minutes — You are already paying for the Training, many times over, you just aren’t getting any of the benefits from it. 

01:57 minutes — Am I even a fit to have RC fully get my money working for me and aligning my future with the market?

02:12 minutes — How can I find out what other blindspots are hurting me?

Part I - Why This Matters

In the video below, you’ll learn how to get the most out of this training.

Part II - The Micro Training

In this video, you’ll learn the strategy I use to help my clients grow their money faster, with more clarity and control.

Part III - What's Next?

In the video below, you’ll learn the best way to implement what you have learned.

Your Next Step

Would you like RC to look at your positions and help you implement what you've just learned?

For customers of the Clarity & Control course, RC is offering a one-time Portfolio X-Ray Consultation.

During this consultation, he'll look at your investments with you and see if you're on the right track.

And if you need to make any changes, he'll tell you exactly what to do so you can grow your money with extreme clarity.

Normally $495. As a customer of the Clarity & Control course, it's $95.

The requirement is that you must have completed the course (watched all the videos and did the work).

Here is how to schedule your Portfolio X-Ray Consultation:

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