Investment Training To Help You Grow Your money With Confidence & Clarity

What kind of investment education do you need?


What is it?  Momentum is a 12-month group coaching program that trains you to master the tools, the thinking, and the tactics to become a successful investor, grower, and manager of your wealth.

Who is it for? Momentum is for people who want to grow their $500,000+ portfolio without trading, or having to be nervously watching the market or their portfolio.

Pre-requisite? Momentum is advanced, so you must have enrolled and completed the 6-week Fearless Wealth Training program to be considered. If you're accepted, RC will work with you over the course of 12-months and help you become the best manager and protector of your portfolio so you can change your life and your brain.

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Fearless Wealth Training (FWT)

What is it?  FWT is an 6-week online course that teaches you the method and the tools you must learn and use to confidently manage and grow your portfolio without trading, timing, or having to tune into the latest news cycle.

Who is it for? FWT is for people who have at least $250,000 in the market, and prefer to learn at their own pace with weekly videos, checklists, and tools.

How does it work? FWT is an online course. You get module #1 immediately after you sign up. You watch the videos, complete the homework, practice using the magic filters, participate in Zoom calls, and you get results.

Pre-requisite: You must be willing to rewire your brain. This means working on the "inner game" of investing for 6 weeks while practicing the tools and methods for managing your portfolio.

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