This Is Why You’ll Miss The Next Market Crash

next market crash

Our Brains Are 100,000 Years Old The human brain is the exact same size it was thousands of years ago. That means we have the exact same brain capacity that our hunter-gather ancestors had. Our brain processing power is exactly the same as it was 10,000 years ago. You might ask the question: How does this affect…

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Eureka! I have to admit, even I feel like I talk about gold too much. This feeling gets reinforced when I show Burgess, my wife, what I’m going to write about for the week. When she sees the “g” word, she usually sighs and says, “Again? Why don’t you write about something else, like your…

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The 4 Biggest Gold Myths as Seen on TV

Just turn on the TV to CNBC, MSN, or Bloomberg TV and you will find a range of financial pundits practically frothing at the mouth over gold…about why to avoid it.
I have noticed that over the past ten years that investors, commentators, bloggers and analysts who have missed the move in gold tend to be the loudest opponents about its investment merits. They almost seem angry about gold and silver and the people who own it. Personally, I think they are unconsciously pissed off that they completely missed the investment of the decade.

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