The Effect of Interest Rates on The Treasury Yield

Interest Rate Shopping

Thinking Independently It’s Independence Day this week in the US and I wanted to talk about how independence is thinking for yourself and pointing out things you know are not right. Many times this means you have to be on your own or with a smaller group that’s going up against something large. And if…

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Are We Slipping Into A Recession?


The Maginot Line A hundred years ago WWI ended. It was a terrible war, fought in Europe with the two main players being Germany and France. Germany invaded France on France’s Eastern boarder. After WWI France decided that Germany wasn’t  going to attack them again like they had just done. So they started building up…

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Crash Test Dummies

Crash Test Dummies Do you want to crash-proof your portfolio? A lot can be learned from a near disaster. The last 15 trading days in the stock market has been an actual disaster for many investors. In the past three weeks the S&P500 fell from 1356 to 1100 bringing down world equities and eliminating $5.5…

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Money Printing Ends in 12 Days… Is Your Portfolio Prepared?

With the stock market falling and the US debt in the trillions of dollars, where will it all end up? More importantly, where should you be focusing your money right now in order to preserve and build your wealth?

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