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For the past 23 years, RC Peck has trained people in every profession to profit from the stock market. Some of our students started with no stock market knowledge while others have been investing and trading for 30+ years. Here's what they have to say about our training courses and coaching programs.

I've never had such clarity in the investment world

THANK YOU! I've never had such clarity in the investment world and things are going quite well for us.  Our portfolio finally moving upward (which is a huge improvement over going nowhere fast!).  We have you to thank for helping us move past the news and newsletter world into a cold, clinical observation of the market - and ourselves. 

-Matt and Kimberly D.

I feel confident and calm
when the market moves

It's been freeing. My old approach was buy and panic. I feel confidence and calm when the market moves. And moving out of the positions that were hurting us and buying more of the ones that are helping bring great clarity. 

- Bryce

From helplessness 
To 'calm confidence'

I felt helpless before. Now the market doesn't cause me loss of sleep. I have what I call, 'calm confidence' with my investments since the training.

- Christie R.

Can't believe how many loser stocks my broker had me in

Can't believe how many loser stocks my broker had me in. I'm loving the price charts. The tools make it so easy knowing whether an investment is bad, mediocre or great. Definitely worth the money. 

- Bob L.

Well worth my time
and money

Well worth my time and money. I didn't realize how much I spent on processing and managing the market moves in my body and mind. I knew I was mad about the investment world going into the training but I didn't also realize how scared I was to figure it out.
- Cody N.

Freeing is what I'm mostly left with. No more noise

Honestly, I thought I'd get a canned investment system or approach. it turned out to be about who I am and why I react to stimulus in the way that I do. It helped me recognize my lifelong programming and gave me tools to stay connected with my money. The understanding of how money was being representative in other areas of my life was huge. Clarity versus clutter, confidence vs fear, and how being more than enough in all areas of my life is vital to my sense of self. Freeing is what I'm mostly left with. No more noise.  

- Dean B.

The best money I've ever spent. My biggest takeaway has been a sense of confidence

The best money I've ever spent on anything. My biggest takeaway has been a sense of confidence that I can manage my money and the knowledge of how to do it instead of expecting a big box brokerage to do it for me. That is exactly what I was looking for when I first saw Fearless Wealth's advertisement. I was looking to manage my money without requiring a lot of time and stress. I was looking for simplicity. Thankfully that's exactly what I got.

- Kerry P.

Training has improved my ability to manage our families money and wealth

R.C. starts you where you are and allows you to have your biases and emotions, while training you start to set them aside, so that you can manage for the "good" of your money. The true meaning of "good stewardship." I'm a trained economist and a college teacher and RC training has improved my teaching not to mention my ability to manage our families money and wealth.

- Todd J.

I love the simplicity of it.
My nights are finally free

Oh my gosh. I only have to track and pay attention to one number and not ten or a hundred, I love the simplicity of it. My nights are finally free. Maybe now I can start working out again.
- Jerry C.

It's education and coaching combined

I have a plan that is laid out that I can compare to the market and easily see if there is a better investment without noise. It's education and coaching combined.
- Brian G.

The logic and strategy is both beautiful and simple to understand

My biggest surprise was how fast my wife and I had a common language to communicate about our net-worth, the markets and our wealth was impressive. I wanted alignment with my wife and our money so we could be living the lives we want to live. What this course turned out to be was about me. It was profound because I gained consciousness about behaviors. The logic and strategy of your creation is both beautiful and simple to understand. Incredible.
- Matt C.

Our conversations about money are much more 
empathic and aligned

Some of our biggest fights have been about money and investing. It was invaluable to dig deeper and see each other's history and long term beliefs about money. Our conversations about money are much more empathic and aligned. Honestly I didn't realize how much of old 'three year old' wiring was running the show. I truly appreciated your approach from a psychological standpoint and your straightforward communication. You made your expectations clear. You also had a way of holding me accountable in a way that didn't feel shaming or like I'd failed. 

- Sarah C.

The market still falls but now it doesn't affect our money

I have my husband back. The market still falls but now it doesn't affect our relationship or money. We both know the strategy. We're a team on this.
- Marguerite R.

I was skeptical, maybe even cynical

I was skeptical maybe even cynical. I was impressed with how extremely educational relating to how to make your money grow. I was motivated, inspired and informed to take action.

- Russ F.

I was able to manage my own families account because of the training

It's hard to pick the most valuable part, it's like the 3-legged stool - the dashboard, the checklist, and learning how to interpret the charts correctly. Having RC go through my investment charts in real time and answer my questions was most valuable. I was able to manage my own families account because of the training.
- Arthur C.

The cost was a surprise, but now that I did it, I wish I'd done it sooner

I've been watching your videos and reading your articles for years, so I knew some about what I was getting into before starting. The cost was a surprise, but now that I did it. I wish I'd done it sooner. The most valuable part were the tools you gave to me. I am amazed how I'm able to see something as complicated as my financial health in an easily maintained tool.

- Paul A.

I can be on top of it now because of how logical it is

This training is making me address the what I knew needed to be fixed but I didn't know how to even start to figure it out. Being able to step away and know it's all in order. I can be on top of it now because of how logical it is.
- Matt B.

Having a follow-able checklist and knowing which assets is strongest was super-useful

Being organized and having a strategy for my money cannot be overstated. Having a follow-able checklist and knowing which asset is strongest was super-useful.

- Doug L.

I now have a system that tells me when to buy and when to sell

I now have a system that tells me when to buy and when to sell - excellent. This was the methodology that I was missing in the past. I did not realize the power of the Wealth Dashboard, but once completed I then knew the significance of ALL the hard yards. The training for me was part personal growth journey which took me out of my comfort zone. Very hands on and practical. If you want to achieve financial independence then I highly recommend this training.
- Godfrey M.

The training trained me to build a "strong financial house"

I thought the training would consist only of price charts. The training did train me to looks price charts in a simple way, But even more to build a ""strong financial house."" The training incorporated investment success for spouse and kids. I am thankful to understand and ""read"" charts and graphs. RC cuts the crap out and pinpoints success unlike a big box advisor or pick of the week/month newsletter. The training included RC's Five Rules. These real life examples and lessons make me a better person in life and financially sound. These rules are AWESOME! They will continue to stay with me and pass the same knowledge to family members.

- Mark S.

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