Are You Still Diversifying?

Did you know that the big guys, running their own money, stopped diversifying 20 years ago and started something completely different?

(This is why the little guy keeps getting hurt. But it doesn’t have to be this way.)

April 04, 2024

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You're Going to Discover...

  • A powerfully simple, two-question approach to knowing when to be in or out of the markets even though that seems like a ridiculous thing to say.
  • How to know if that 10% stock market correction is likely to turn into a 20%, 30% or maybe even 50% correction.
  • The little-known secret ingredient the big boys use to make the market work FOR them without diversification or any other 1970’s ideas.
  • How to verify  if your money and investments are still okay, even though conventional metrics like P/E ratios and dividends yields might say otherwise.
  • And how to know where to have your money, how long to have it there and when to move it, all without newsletters, daily picks, hours in front of CNBC, twitter, the blogosphere or any of the other investment noise you really don't want to sift through anyway.

Presented by

RC Peck

RC Peck is founder and CEO of Fearless Wealth. He’s helped  investors all over the world avoid both 50% stock market falls in the past 20 years, while safely getting  them back in after each one. All with trading, timing, predicting or confusion.

What this isn't...

  • This isn’t about selling yet another “pick of the month” newsletter.
  • This isn’t about buying annuities.
  • This is about secret meetings in hotels.
  • And this for sure isn’t about selling “moonshot” investments.

It’s about helping the skeptical, maybe even cynical, hardworking investor who’s been hurt over the years. Not by the stock market. But by following outdated conventional ideas and rules.


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