2020 In 3 Charts

These are the cards we’ve been dealt…Covid, election, shutdown, wildfires, protests, etc.

You can complain, whine, get outraged, vote, play the cards you wish you had… or you can play the cards that are in front of you. 

I’m talking to you from the standpoint of the markets… though this approach works almost everywhere in life. 

In the world of growing your money better and with less stress, the more people can understand how to read price charts, the more their prayers will be answered and the more they can grow their portfolio in peace. 

So, with that, I took three charts from an article this week that reviewed 2020. There were three main points that I kept coming back to in this week’s video: 

  1. Narratives that have nothing to do with the stock market are a dangerous way to invest. The problem is people don’t know they are doing this—and it’s why their investments feel so stressful.
  2. There is a lot of sadness in the world, especially this year. The market, however, doesn’t do sadness… as sad as that is to people. I’ll show you exactly what I mean.
  3. From “O-Ring” manufacturers to “Did Biden really win the election?”—it is incredibly useful to use price charts as your BS filter and not the news. I’ll give you two very clear examples.

With the year wrapping up, are there any burning topics you’d like me to cover? If so, just email me at support@FearlessWealth.com and I’ll consider it.