Election Results

The United States elected its next president on Tuesday. The only thing we are 100% sure of is it will either be Trump or Biden… and the markets are loving it. What is it? It is a fair count of the votes. That is what the markets are noticing all around the world. 

I want to take a deeper dive than usual and show you three types of investments “reacting” to the election on Tuesday. 

In the first group, there are sectors, sub-sectors, and stocks breaking out to new lifetime highs. (Note: new lifetime highs are a sign of stability.)

In the second group are indexes, sectors, and sub-sectors digesting and looking to move up and out of a two to three-month consolidation. (Note: a sideways consolidation after a huge move higher is bullish.) 

And in the third group are sectors that are continuing to die and get weaker… almost regardless of what happens. 

Join me as I show what is going on around the market and globe.