Do More Printed Dollars Matter?

One of the questions every investor is attempting to answer is: “does this matter?”

Do more printed US dollars matter?

Does the stock market being “overvalued” matter?

Does gold dropping by $39 in one day matter?

Does the Fed increasing their balance sheet by $3 trillion matter?

Does Trump winning matter to the stock market?

Does Biden winning matter to the stock market?

Does the yield dropping matter?

We are all taught all this stuff matters. But that can’t be true. Not all stuff matters. 

In fact, most things don’t matter. Anyone over the age of 45 knows this to be true. Think of all the stuff you thought mattered in your 20’s and 30’s. None of that really ever mattered. But you thought it did. The same goes with investing. You’ve just never been trained to know what really matters. 

There are thousands of ‘pick of the month’ newsletters/news outlets that are telling you what they think should matter. And they’re really good at it. And most investors have no idea how to know… What. Really. Matters. 

Before you know it, you are buying 1907 Saint Gauden gold coins because the world is going to end and the only thing you’ll be able to use to trade for toilet paper and water are 100-year-old coins. 

Most investors really don’t know how to measure “does it really matter?” They’ve never been taught what really matters. Then, when investors get to the age of 50+, they really start to question what really matters with investing. 

In this week’s video, I dig a little into what matters when it comes to the stock market going up, down, or sideways. When does sideways matter? When does down matter? I also dig into if the US is really going to lose their reserve status? After all, they have increased the number of dollars worldwide by 15% this year. Does this matter? 

Together, we’ll look at dollars, stocks, bonds, and gold to understand a little bit about what really matters. 
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