This can go on longer than you think…

Price is king. And that means it’s [always] right. 

Of course, there are going to be ups and downs, but price—as a collective measuring stick—is incredible. The market (read: price) is able to digest everything it knows about what is going on and plot a direction. No committees. No board of directors. No Zoom conference calls. Price just collectively knows what to do… way before we ever understand why (that comes later). 

The problem is that humans think they know what “everything” is. We are biased. And it’s hard for us to understand what we ought to be measuring. 

How important is an extra $3 trillion from the Fed? We now know…very important. 

You don’t think gold should go any higher? Okay. But what does price think? You think it’s time for value and small cap to finally outperform? Okay. But does the market think that? No. Not yet? And on and on the human’s brain attempts to figure things out.  

I get it. I’m human too. But I can tell you that the more you are attached to the direction, the more you are going to be wrong. 

We are taught to care. But the market doesn’t do “care.” The market does price. So, as we make our way through the wackiest investment year ever, we have to honor the price even more. 

This week’s video notices “everything” seems to be at lifetime highs:

  1. New lifetime highs for the Nasdaq100 vs S&P500
  2. Gold at new lifetime highs (priced in US dollars)
  3. Bonds at new lifetime highs
  4. Technology at new life time highs
  5. New highs talking about how the US Dollar will lose its reserve status
  6. New highs about how investing in Europe is best b/c of how they’ve handled COVID-19 

So who are you going to believe?

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