Everything In The World Gets Priced To This One Number

Everything in the world is priced relative to something else. 

When you buy a box of cereal in your grocery store, it’s priced in your local currency. The loaf of bread you buy is priced relative to the currency you buy it in. 

When people [used to] travel to other countries, they’d quickly realize the local goods and services are not priced in their home currency. So, they’d have to figure out the new denominator or price. 

There is one (and only one) number that influences every single investment in every single country on the planet. It’s probably the most important number to almost everything. 

And when that number drops, sinks, or pops, it influences what you are going to pay for everything. This number really matters. 

In this week’s video, I talk about that number and what it’s doing to two of the most important assets on the planet. 

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