Is This A Correction Or The Start of a Crash?

Hi Guys,

If the drop in the stock market that started on August 21 is the beginning of a crash, then we are going to have to see very specific behavior in a lot of indexes around the world. 

What I want to do is show you the markets in the US, Europe, Asia, “all international,” and “all-world” to see: if what started on August 21 is the beginning of a larger crash that will wipe people out or if this is a correction in a larger move higher for multiple countries and regions around the world. 

Getting and gathering evidence like this is key to filtering out all the noise and fear that is getting thrown at you daily. 

I then want to circle back to the US and look at very specific sub-asset classes that are signaling a very clear signal—a signal that once noticed—will give you some of the clarity you are looking for. By the way, these two smaller asset classes that I am going to show you tell a pretty clear story. 

Lastly, I want to look at two specific sectors in the United States that are acting very differently than what you are being sold online. 

You can watch this week’s video here.

After watching the video, let me know if this makes sense or not by leaving a comment on the YouTube channel or by emailing me at Again, below is the link to this week’s video. 

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