This Asset is Breaking Down the Market

Hi Guys,

When someone walks into a doctor’s office, they are looking for answers. They don’t want to be there. This meeting wasn’t on the calendar…it wasn’t planned. Even if they like the doctor across the street from them, they’d rather not be sitting there talking to them. 

That’s because, of course, if they are there, there’s something wrong.  And it needs fixing. The person is looking for answers.  

I have pain in the back of my head… how do I get rid of it? And is it cancer? My sudden loss of weight when I didn’t have weight to lose—what is going on? How do I stop it? What is going on?

My husband can’t sleep at night and is waking up multiple times in terror—what can we do to help him? My son fell off the jungle-gym at the park and he can’t fully move his arm—did he break it? Help us…

If someone is asking these questions, they are in a state of vulnerability. 

Health is one of those things that—if you don’t have it, you don’t have anything. The sick person only has one wish… the healthy person has a million. Take health away and we only have one wish. 

Money is a distant third to health. Between health and money is relationships. Loving relationships (read: feeling loved) is the number one medicine of life. I’m not sure of all the chemicals (medicines) that get released in the body when someone feels loved but I’m 100% sure this is the best medicine in the world. 

So how does money fit into this triad?

Money, investing, finances are directly connected to relationships and health. And many people have been taught to look for answers. Go to an advisor or seek out the best newsletter. They’re feelinging vulnerable…  that is why they are clicking and reading.

However, the answer (or at least part of it) is knowing what questions to ask, and not asking for answers.

So, this week I want to ask one question of the stock world, the bond world, and the commodity world and attempt to build a case for why “everything” has lost ground to this one investment over the past 2+ years.


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