International Stocks to Buy Right Now

Regardless of your political view or who you voted for or vote for or who you identify as, most would agree that there’s an incredible level of craziness happening in the world.

Maybe 1968 was like this? I’m not sure. I wasn’t around then and can only read about it. But maybe 1968 was one of those times.

And if it was, it wasn’t the only time.

Perry Marshall talks about a book he got from a friend titled The Bonanza King, which is a biography of John Mackay.

Yeah, me too. Never heard of the guy. John made more money in the Gold Rush of the 1800’s then probably anyone.

Perry goes on to describe how the book talks about how there was so much chaos going on during the 1850’s Gold Rush that it makes today look [kind of] tame.

Just a few points Perry talks about in the book are:

  1. California and Nevada mining towns were 100% lawless and complete dens of chaos.
  2. Getting hung without trails was the norm.
  3. Fires. Cave-ins. Deaths.
  4. A 200-year storm washing out towns and valleys.
  5. No plumbing. No heating. No structure.

And yet John Mackay made a killing.

Okay, RC, where are you going with this?

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos. To get pulled into it. To feel sorry for yourself. To be sick to death of Zoom calls. To be completely done being stuck inside in solitary confinement.

But there’s a secret.

When it comes to investing, none of that chaos matters. None of this. There is an amazing filter called price charts. That if understood how to use, could eliminate all noise in seconds. A chaos filter, if you will.

Case in point: this week(ish), after thirteen years of going nowhere, Emerging Markets (read: 2/3rd of the world’s population) is breaking up and out.

This breakout is not based on beliefs or politics. It’s actually happening. You don’t have to participate. You can stay in cash. Emerging Markets is still going up without your cash. It is happening. And it will create many new millionaires and safe and certain futures.

But you must get above the chaos. And with any decade plus long ‘consolidation’ there are going to be big winners. And they are not going to have the names you are used to.

So, this week in my Weekly Update, I dig into what international stocks, symbols, ETFs, and funds may be household names by the end of the year.

Chaos or not… International is the place to be.