How To Hold On To A Bull Market

I did things a little different on the video this week. On Tuesday, I recorded the vlog live. My format was kind of like a “call-in” radio show. I did my usual topic at the beginning and then I opened up the “phone lines” to anyone that had a question about what I covered or anything that is going on in the markets/economy right now. Also, if you have/had a question about mindset I’d love to answer those too. 

When we do this again, get your questions answered right away by logging into the Zoom call or email your questions in beforehand. I won’t be able to answer all the questions, as there were many this week, but the ones I don’t get too I will answer the following week if there’s a lot of demand. 

What I covered:

  • People are saying there is an imminent crash. And no what has been going on the past two-days does not mean this is a crash and the world is ending. This move lower is a much-needed correction in the market after it going up almost vertically. 
  • The S&P500 and Gold—which are both in major uptrends. Why these two? Because they are both screaming higher but in different ways. And yes, they both can move higher together. 

What else did I cover?

  • Why it’s so hard to hold on during an entire bull market move
  • Why the news is going to kick you out of your position way too early every time
  • Why stop losses can often do more damage than support it
  • How investors are designed to take quick profits (read: small profits)
  • Why our emotions work against us in an uptrend and what to do about it

And please let me know if you like this format and I will do it more. You can do that by emailing me at or coming to the next live call (which you will get an email about).

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