Gold Predictions 2021

The more you understand what price is doing, the more your portfolio is going to grow. 2020—by almost every measure—was horrible EXCEPT stock prices. Your portfolio goes up and down based on stock prices and nothing else.

If there ever was a year to prove that “price is king,” it was 2020.

I have two things this week:

  1. A video about my predictions for gold in 2021:
    including what price gold has to stay above to stay in the fight (and if it doesn’t, that’s your signal to leave).
  2. An article I read titled “100 Tips for a Better Life”:
    when I run Trading or Income training courses, one of my main themes throughout the training is to continue to do more of what is working and less of what isn’t.

The article above was quite appropo. A few of my favorites from the list are:

—48. Keep your identity small. “I’m not the kind of person who does things like that” is not an explanation, it’s a trap. It prevents nerds from working out and men from dancing.

—91. Human mood and well-being are heavily influenced by simple things: exercise, good sleep, light, being in nature. It’s cheap to experiment with these.

—100. Bad things happen dramatically (a pandemic). Good things happen gradually (malaria deaths dropping annually) and don’t feel like ‘news.’ Endeavour to keep track of the good things to avoid an inaccurate and dismal view of the world.

Here’s to a healing and kind 2021.