Uncertain Times… Whose Vote Matters Most?

It was 4 years ago this weekend that the US was getting ready to vote between Clinton and Trump for the next president of the United States. The world (read: ALL news channels) had Clinton for the win. 

Heck, even the Trump camp thought she was going to win. If you are in doubt and are already triggered by those words, just go back and watch the video of the Trump family coming out on stage for their victory speech–they had just woken up and looked confused. 

And so, here the US is again… only this time, there is no early victory. There is only confusion. Though, not for the 82 million voters that have already voted. That number (82 million) represents about 60% of the number of people that turned out for the 2016 vote. 

It’s Texas that is leading the way in early voting. That state has already cast more votes in this election than in 2016. 

Then there’s Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington… all of which have already voted 80% of their 2016 turnout. 

People are voting early. It’s happening in red and blue states. Liberal and conservative states. Americans are voting. 

This got me thinking… how is the stock market, the bond market, the US dollar market, and the gold market voting? Who did they vote for in 2016? You may be surprised who changed their vote this year. 

In this week’s video update, I go back and look at 2016 votes by stocks/bonds/cash/gold and compare it to how they are voting right now. 

These four assets are also early voters as their votes were cast early last year and have also been cast early this year.