How I Vote

Hi Guys,

I’m an American and I live in America (though some might not consider the Seattle area America). The first American presidential debate took place this past Tuesday night. And guess what? I loved it!

As far as Fox News is concerned, Trump won it—hands down. 

As far as CNN is concerned, Biden won it—hands down.

But guess who else thought it was a winner? The markets. Especially the US stock market(s).

The following day, here’s what happened: 

Dow Jones Industrial Average up +1.2%

S&P 500 up +0.83%

NASDAQ up + 0.74%

NYSE up +0.79%

S&P 600 (Small Cap) up +0.22%

S&P 400 (Mid Cap) up +0.68%

S&P 100 (Mega Cap) up +0.96%

All World Ex-US Index up +0.05% (still counts)

Nikkei up +0.12%

Of course, this is probably not how most people watched the debate… and actually, I didn’t watch it. I stopped watching stuff like this (read: news) in 1997. But I did know it happened. And the only opinion I really cared about when it comes to growing portfolios was the market’s opinion. 

When it comes to the money in the markets, my suggestion is that you learn to read the opinion of the market—this is what shows you where to place your money. 
So what have the stock markets of the world thought about the last four years? 

I recorded this week’s video about what “price” thought about the last four years. And  whether you love Trump or hate him, this video is about using “price” as your filter to a greater portfolio and not news.

And let me know. What are you thinking about this week’s video? Where do you think I’m right and wrong? As always you can leave a comment in the comments section on the YouTube channel or you can email me directly at I read all comments and emails to me about my weekly video.