Economic Cat Videos

If the market was about to crash—which is what most of you are being fed—then why are economically sensitive sectors strengthening and moving higher? That doesn’t make sense. 

The investment world doesn’t see economically sensitive sectors strengthening into a crash, we’d have the opposite if that was true. 

Why aren’t bonds breaking up and making new lifetime highs? Isn’t that supposed to happen when the market is about to crash? People would be putting more money into the “safe” parts of the investment world if “they” were getting scared. But we’re not seeing that. 

So, does price believe the market is about to crash or are the “pick of the month newsletter” writers getting more and more desperate to increase their subscriptions—to the point where all they can do is send you their equivalent of another “cat video.”

Let me know what you are thinking about this week’s video. Where do you think I’m right and wrong? As always you can leave a comment in the comments section on the YouTube channel or you can email me directly at I read all comments and emails.