2019 Stock Market Predictions

A perennial act of the investment noise machine is to come out with predictions for the up-and-coming year.

When I type in “stock predictions for 2019” Google responded by letting me know it has 20,900,000 results for me to cull through.

At the top of its results page are three stories and three videos prominently displayed in a way that almost taunts my critter brain to clicking. Google does this by eliminating text and showing you pictures.

I’m assuming these combined six results are there because Google has determined that these are the best stock market predictions for 2019, whatever that might mean to their algorithm.

Below is the image of Google’s ranking with the link to 2019 Stock Market Predictions results right here.

The “Top story” is from Seeking Alpha and basically says even though 2018 was sideways the stock market’s valuation is still very high, and that 2019 will be more volatile…

Hmmmm. That’s the top result???

Bottom Line – – – Stock Market Predictions Sell

And its because the human brain is wired to be safe. And safe means surviving. And surviving means knowing what is going to happen. So the clickbait around predictions is big business.

But the best article I’ve ever seen on predictions is this one. Its from Farnam Street and talks about how Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos think about predicting.

Interestingly enough they predict the future the same way, and it’s what you might want to consider to.

The punchline in case you don’t have the three minutes to read the article… they look at what’s going to stay the same.

Buffett buys companies he thinks will be around in 100 years.

Here’s a list of Warren Buffets top holdings as of six weeks ago.  

And Bezos’ puts his effort into what will not change. And because of that they’ve both done okay “predicting.”

So with that, I’d like to provide my list of what will stay the same in 2019.

  1. There will only be five assets to invest in (stocks, bonds, cash, commodities, real estate).
  2. Humans will feel the most pain when markets fall. And feel safest when markets rise.
  3. Big-Box advisers will continue to base their allocation of your money on your age and self-described risk tolerance.
  4. Pick-of-the-month newsletters will continue to pump out new investment newsletters based on what is hot. Remember the crypto newsletters in 2017?
  5. Investors will buy bonds when they are scared.
  6. Investors will buy cash when they are really scared.
  7. Investors will buy gold when they are really, really scared.
  8. Investment noise will only get louder.
  9. Busts will follow booms.
  10. Trading fees will continue to fall to zero across the board.

There’s a better way to invest without having to predict 2019’s best stocks to own.

A way without having to “hold the course” or suffer through a big fall just because your big-box advisor doesn’t actually know how to best protect and grow money.

And that better way has to do with replacing yourself as the center of your investment universe with the movement of the five assets.

Investing doesn’t have to be hard.  

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. There’s a better way to invest. And I’m willing to talk to you one-on-one about it. But there really isn’t much time left this year. Get on my calendar and I can show you where you portfolio is leaking.

P.P.S. The Fearless Wealth Method is as much the art of keeping yourself sane in an unfair and overwhelming world as it is a way to protect your money and future. Take the leap of faith and let’s talk about what’s really going on with your money. This is the easiest way.

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