Three Important Charts To Watch Over The Next 30 Days.

I used to think the news was important…

After all, my parents watched it every night. I don’t ever remember them missing it. They could miss Hart To Hart or Magnum P.I. but never the news.

So, like my parents I started watching…

Until 1997, when it hit me.

The news might be interesting but it wasn’t important.

Important information didn’t come from the news it came from relationships. Important information was less global and more important.

Important information had to do with me and my life.

So with that…I want ask you a question.

How much of the information you consume about investing is “interesting” or “important”?

Be honest.

My research shows almost none of the daily Cable, Blogs, emails, etc. are important. They’re interesting and entertaining…and they give us something to talk about with others…

But does it matter outside of conversations?

This week I have three important charts that once they move, will be important to everyone.

You can find these important charts right here.


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