80% Of The Time, This is Killing Your Wealth…And I Can Prove it

This Is Killing Your Stocks…And For Sure, Your Sleep – watch video here.

I stopped watching television in 1997.

By the spring of 1997, I had become a 40-hour-a-week TV watcher.  I had my spot on the couch with the remote, my pretzels, and my two liter of Pepsi.  I would surf for hours.

If there was a recovery group for TV watchers, I would have attended every night.  What else was I going to do with my time?

Fast-forward to today.

No TV, less pretzel eating and Pepsi drinking, and one major difference.

It’s this one difference that I want to discuss; it’s a difference that made the difference for me and my money.

In fact, this one “difference” has been responsible for more triple-digit wins than any other thing that I do. I want to show you what it is.

If you are curious to see if you might be doing it too, then tune in and join me in this week’s conversation. 

You can watch this week’s Market Situation Report here.

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