85 Years Of Crashes… Here’s The Link Between Them

What do you want to call it…?

Is it a crash?
Is it a fall?
Is it a correction?
Is it a panic?
Is it a …?

Whatever you or the pundits may call a stock market moving lower, one thing can be clear…

People hate them.

I mean they really hate them. They hate them so much they start to, kind of act crazy…

And yet, they’ve happened in every decade for 150 years.

Every decade going back to the historic beginning in 1871 had one to three major price movements down.

And if they were shorter in depth, then they were steeper in their fall. If they were deeper in their fall then they were longer in their length.

You see, the human brain was not built to sustain the stock market moving lower.

But here’s the really great part. Nothing beats stock market returns over [almost] any ten year period going back 150 years.

You get it?

The falls are part of the game.

So what I wanted to do was take a deeper dive in the past eight and half decades of “crashes” and see what the one similarity was that popped out.

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