A Billionaire, Lunch With Bernanke, And A 100% Gain – Weekend Podcast 7.12.14


What Does a hedge fund billionaire, an ex-Fed Chairman, and a 100% gain in the next 15 months have to do with each other? Click here.

The above question kind of sounds like the start of a joke. But it’s for real.

The same reason that has made this person a billionaire in his 40’s. And has Ben Bernanke 100% sure about the direction the Fed is taking, is why this “wide moat” stock has a high chance of doubling in the next 15 months.

You see this stock did the same thing back in 2011 just before it moved up almost 100% in less than 14 months. And I think it’s at it again.

You can find out how all three of these things are related and highly correlated.

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