A Significant Breakout Just Occurred In This Influential Asset


I have a saying on my wall… and it helps me almost everyday stay sane and be a better investor.

Do you want to know what the saying is?

“The Market Knows More Than You.”

That’s it.

I have to be reminded daily that the market knows more and that it’s much better to align myself with the market than debate it.


You know what happens when you debate the market? You lose. There is no debate. You may not like what the market is doing but it doesn’t care about any one investor.

After all, the market is the combination of hundreds of millions of free thinking people putting their money where their opinion is.

So it’s a pretty good tool to measure the direction of investments.

On Friday, there was a major chart pattern breakout that you may want to know about…

Especially if you own precious metals, currencies, banking stocks, insurance stocks and utility stocks.

You can see the price charts right here.

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