How To Live Anxiety Free


That’s how many people finished.

And the ones that finished looked mostly destroyed. Limping. Wincing. Mostly with that 1,000 yard stare on their face. They’d been tested at a deep level.

The finish line was more of a graveyard of depleted souls. And. These. Were. The. Ones. That. Finished.

So what was the race?

A marathon? No.

An ultra marathon? No.

A Tough Mudder? No.

A Spartan? No.

Something deceptively much harder. Something that has no reference point.

What if you could get what you wanted…?

The race…

60 miles in 20 hours.

No support.
No closed race course.
No first aid tents anywhere.
No cheering crowds.

Just you, your small team and the clock.

You have to carry all your water, food, medical supplies, backup clothes AND a 20lb weight to boot. So by the time you moved out your “ruck” weighs in at 30 to 35 pounds.

Easy enough, right?

“…You mean you just walk with a backpack…?”

What if you could get to a place where the market didn’t worry you anymore?

…Was the response I would get from people when I told them what I was training for. Walking? And then people would provide me with the time they walked or hiked or ran… but never 60 miles in 20 hours.

When my sister told her friends what I was doing, her friends all asked, “Is your brother okay?” Meaning, is there a reason why he isn’t able to do a marathon or something that involves running? “You mean he’s just going to walk with a backpack…?”

Because, you see there’s no reference for being on your feet for 20 hours moving forward for 60 miles.

And that’s the deceptiveness of this type of race. It sounds easy. Just walking with a backpack.

But here’s what’s powerful about 60 miles in 20 hours.

Have you noticed yet, that there are no shortcuts to being a great, worry free, investor?


There’s no shortcut.

You actually need to train.

And that means time on feet. Miles on feet. With that damn weight pulling on your shoulders the entire time. It means hard conversations with your spouse or boss. Because you are going to have to head out of the house at 4AM to get a practice “20 miler” in by 9AM.

Or maybe it means meeting up with your training partners at 9PM at night to “ruck” from 9PM to 7AM. So you can practice being on your feet for 10 hours and 30 plus miles.

You train.

Do you know the weak points in your portfolio? If you don’t the market will find them for you.

So you can find the weak points on your body. Your shins? Blisters? Fueling? The problems will come up at mile 20. Or 21. Or 22.

The race is as much about having some hard conversations with your spouse or boss as it is about doing the actual race.

The race is not just the race.

The practice is the race. The race is all those hard conversations you have to have with other people before you ever get to the start line. The race is getting up at 4AM to practice.

AND the race is the recovery.

Investing is more about what not to do then doing the right thing.

Did you know 2/3rds of people who are in ultra-endurance races get a respiratory infection within three weeks of its finish? Its because the race traumatizes the body at a deep cellular level.

There was a total of nine guys on our team, six of us finished. But three of the youngest and most in shape guys who finished were the most hurt.

They relied on their natural talent and inshapeness to carry them. And it worked for the first 10 hours.

And in any other race. A triathlon or a marathon they would have done really well. But this wasn’t either of those. This was a race that demanded you stay on your feet doing the same motion (walking with weighted ruck) for 60 miles.

The same is true for investing.

Not losing 50% is more important than finding the next Facebook of Brazil…

Missing large falls (2000, 2008) can be accomplished but not with traditional thinking.

Being part of long uptrends (2003 to 2008 and 2009 to 2018) can be accomplished but not with big-box thinking nor pick of the month newsletter thinking.

There was no way to hack the 60 mile endurance race. You had to train for it. I did. And even though I was 15 to 20 years older than the young guys on my team I finished over an hour in front of them with no damage to my body.

It wasn’t skill or IQ.

I trained.

The stock market only respects the trained investor.

So why do I pound the table so much about training and rewiring your brain? Its because what people want most is to not worry any more. Not stress anymore. Not lose anymore sleep over their portfolio.

They want to know they will be okay.

They want to know they will have enough money.

They want to know their wife or husband will be okay after they die.

And even when I talk to people that will have enough, what they all say is, I still worry. I still think about that money almost every day.

Is training expensive? Yes. But you are already spending that much and more.

What’s that costing them?

Not financially necessarily. But in life-force. Worry about money they don’t even really need to worry about. Now image how it must be for people that do need that money.

They’re just assuming they have to worry about their market money their whole lives.

And it doesn’t even matter if people have a big-box adviser. Because big-box advisers approach is so confusing and complicated that they still worry about it.

They worry because their big-box adviser didn’t help much in 2008. So parts of them know their advisor isn’t going to help in 2019 (or whenever the next correction hits).

If the right stock was the answer you wouldn’t still be worried.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s a better way, and it’s not through the perfect stock.

This is the ultimate example of pick of the month newsletter thinking… one stock to save your entire future.

This makes me so mad.

This is the kind of marketing piece that makes investors cash out and put all their money in one stock… and then lose it all.

And if they don’t put all their money in one stock, they buy yet another newsletter that drowns them in even more fear, confusion and overwhelm.

They get so sold on the story that they can take massive action and be okay. This is what you are up against.

It’s tragic. THIS type of marketing is what’s hurting people’s lives.  

IF “I trust and like my advisor/newsletter editor” was the answer you wouldn’t be curious what the perfect stock is

Now that’s an expensive life.

Take an honest look at your positions. Do you feel better? Are you sleeping better? Could your portfolio be handed over to your spouse and know she/he will understand it?

There’s a better way.

I have a five step game plan that my training clients use to squash their anxiety, wipe away their fear, and finally eliminate the overwhelm once and for all (even if that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say right now)…

… this works even when they are working full time or getting ready for retirement. They don’t worry about the markets anymore.

You can live anxiety free.

The men in my group were split into two teams. One team of five (my team that I captained) and one team of four.

Below is my team at the finish line. We went 60.3 miles in 19 hours and 45 minutes. We lost one guy at 20 miles, who wasn’t committed. And we lost one guy at 51.3 miles who’s knee gave out.

An anxiety free. Worry free life. Is one phone call away.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

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