Are You Buying The Wrong Gold?

If you have purchased gold in the last five years,
drop everything to read and listen to this.

All gold is not created equal.

Right now people are buying the wrong gold, over $50 billion dollars worth and counting.

The people buying the wrong stuff think they are buying gold but what they are actually buying is “paper promises” also known as derivatives, in this case ‘gold-derivatives’.

Just like with the sub-prime lending fiasco of 2007 when people were buying “paper promises”. There are going to potentially be a lot of people in for a rude awakening…they just don’t know it yet.

If you are buying or are going to buy gold or silver make sure it’s the real stuff.

There is paper gold.
There is physical gold.
There is ETF gold.
There is derivative gold.
There is futures-gold.
There is bullion gold.
There is domestic gold.
There is international gold.

Below is a price chart of the gold ETF called, SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE: GLD).

Do you notice anything about it? GLD is being compared to the actual price of gold in this chart.

Click the audio player below to listen to my audio about gold and the chart below.

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On the audio above I mentioned a few ticker symbols of gold and silver ETFs, closed-end-funds and investments. If you did not hear them or could not figure out what the exact letters were, I’ve written them below.

Please note that I may have positions and my clients may have positions in some of these ticker symbols.

GTU – if you want to buy a respected fund that owns physical gold
PHYS –if you want to buy a respected fund that owns physical gold
CEF – if you want to buy a respected fund that owns both physical gold and silver
AGQ – if you want to go 200% long silver
DGP – if you want to go 200% long gold
GLL – if you want to short gold

If you like to read more about gold ETFs, I have attached a 50 page PDF from Hinde Capital. Hinde Capital is a UK based Hedge fund that has deep knowledge about the gold sector.

Together, we are protecting and growing your wealth,

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