Ballmer, Banks, Bombs

This week, I’ve got three videos for you to come along with me on.

Gold’s vs. Ballmer

The bottom line is you want to buy symbols that are exhibiting leadership behavior. There’s no better example to than Steve Ballmer vs. gold. Let me show you what I mean and why it matters whether you own gold or not. This idea is a core principle to getting back control over your money. 

The Horse & Buggy Sector of the 21st Century

Expecting banking to lead us out of this mess is like expecting the Horse & Buggy Sector to lead the US out of the Great Depression… it ain’t gonna happen. The problem is that people are continuing to be told that the banking sector matters. I’m not sure it really matters that much anymore. (And I’ve got two decades of hard data on my side.)

COVID Changed Nothing. I’m serious. 

I had an epiphany over the past few months. Crashes don’t kill sectors or markets or the economy—they only accelerate what was already accelerating. And this 2020 COVID Crash will be no different. You can see exactly what I mean right here, including what COVID is accelerating higher.

Paid Subscribers Only

So many people have been asking about a particular investment over the past few weeks… I’ve done a deep dive to really show what’s going on beneath the surface and what to expect.

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