Bigger is Beating Big. BUT Safer is Beating Bigger… – Weekend Podcast 11.15.14


“Bigger” is Beating “Big”. BUT “Safer” is Beating “Bigger”.

The S&P500 just finished up a very nice and quick 10% correction. Whenever a correction like this happens the first thing I want to know is, where did the money flow and…

What sectors did well…?\
What sectors underperformed?
How did people act and react?
Where did the money flow out of and into?

The charts have these answers (and more) and it is clear where people are moving their money.

Find out in this weekend’s podcast what special sector has taken the lead. Hint: it’s one of the hardest sectors in the world to get access to.

But it’s easy to get access to the weekend podcast, it’s right here.

Together, we are accelerating your wealth,

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RC Peck, CFP