Biotech, Gold, and the NASDAQ100

There is still a lot going on this week! Here are some of the highlights I’ve covered in videos.

  • The NASDAQ100 vs S&P500 vs US Bonds • Most people are mistakenly avoiding the strongest places on the planet to invest their money. This video will show you why the NASDAQ100 is beating everything and has been for a long time. 
  • Germany managed the COVID-19 crises better than the US… so is Germany a buy? • There’s a conversation going on right now that says whoever is doing the best job managing COVID must mean that’s where you should put your money. Germany is managing COVID way better than the US… it’s not even close. But does that mean you should put your money there? The untrained eye will say “Yes”. The answer? You should decide where to put your money based on price direction, not on the news or the narrative. Price alone. 

If you want to see what kind of changes can happen with your portfolio, I offer a simple way. It’s called a Portfolio X-Ray. Together, we look at your symbols, and I show you which symbols are the anchors of your portfolio–causing angst and overwhelm, and which ones are the sails, doing all the heavy lifting and growing your money. There’s a better way to invest and it’s just one call away:


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