Buffet’s Downfall, 1987, All Cash Portfolios

We all have the same stock market and the same economic conditions when investing during the same time period. Sounds obvious, but must needs be said. 

However, we don’t have the same filters for words, terms, headlines, comments, tweets, blogs, posts, articles, and opinions and how they affect our investment thinking. You want an edge? Clean up your investment mindset. How do you do that? Change your filters (note: the brain is nothing more than filters) and your performance changes. It’s guaranteed

EVERYTHING comes down to how you behave. 

You can call this behavior. Mindset. Emotions. Feelings. Psychology. But it’s all the same. It’s how your inner thoughts (consciously or other) create your performance. Sorry Big-Box-Advisor World, a more diversified portfolio stopped working two decades ago. 

And everyone (code for almost everyone that has a big-box advisor or owns more than 5 symbols) is slowing the growth of their choices, income, and great night sleep because their filters (how the brain sorts words) have not been updated. 

This week I talk about the downfall of Warren Buffett (who should of handed over the reigns of Berkshire 15 years ago) and why because he has an outsized voice in the world of investing, he has pulled ten of millions of retirees, Gen-Xer’s and Baby Boomers down a path of lower returns, higher volatility, and loss of sleep. 

There’s a reason why even 20% of his Apple position cannot help Berkshire’s performance. 

In this week’s video, I cover four topics:

  1. What happened to Buffett and what you can learn
  2. How his thinking is hurting tens of millions of investors
  3. How 2020 is the worst of 1987 and the 2015-2016 markets combined
  4. A fun eight-pound surprise for everyone

“I don’t fight with my wife anymore around money.” 

“I don’t spend two hours every night working on my investing anymore.” 

“For the first time I have calm confidence, even in this market.” 

Do you want a better life? Then you can have it. And it’s’ on the other side of my 2k For 10k Training. My guarantee is simple. Invest 2k in this course. And if you don’t have the experience of it being worth 10k to your wealth then I’ll give your money back (details on landing page).

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