But This Is Actually Happening


The market’s going to crash…

You know how I know?

I read it.

Seriously, I read it in a newspaper. The article was written by an English major who graduated from an IVY league school (I believe it was Harvard).

And do you know how he covers his mortgage costs? He writes for a living. If he stops writing, his mortgage doesn’t get paid.

Oh yeah… and one more thing. When I looked at his picture, he was dressed well and good looking. I bet if I met him he’d be taller than me.

Did I mention the name of the newspaper?

It’s the Wall Street Journal.

So, I guess his opinion matters… right?


If we want to sort for opinions that matter, then I think we should look for people’s opinion that have great track records.

So I went looking.

And I found the opinion that seems to have the best track record of anyone I know.

You can get access right here to episode #345 to hear what this one’s opinion has to say about the eminent crash.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP