Currency Wars. Hype Wars. And Star Wars…

There is a state of conflict raging right now……And it’s happening inside your head.On one side of the conflict is your future and the steps you should take to have a secure and free one.

And on the other side of the conflict is you in present time. And it’s this side that causes near 100% of your pain in your portfolio.

It’s this side of the conflict that has you thinking trading and newsletters and blogs are the answer to a better life.

So here’s the thing.

Watch and read and follow the blogs, the posts, the tweets, the newsletters, IF that’s something that brings you joy and fun.

I get it.

I like reading about investing stuff, it’s a passion and it’s fun to me.

BUT put 90% (or more) of your money in an investment method that eliminates the noise and the hype and limits your ability to sabotage it…

Do this so your money can grow for your future.

AND if you are someone that thought you had to read all of that noise, then today’s message might resonate with you.

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