Did Gold and the S&P 500 Just Bottom…? – Weekend Podcast 10.18.14

Did gold and the S&P 500 just bottom or is there more downside – click here.

The S&P 500 is down (intra-day) 10% over the past 17 trading days. That is a good amount of volatility. During the same 17 trading day period gold is up 1%.

So, there have been two questions I’ve been asking myself…

1) Is the 10% correction what the market needed to continue moving up for the next X amount of months, or is there still a little downside left?

And 2), did gold bottom at $1180(ish) for the fourth and final time…and is this a strong enough move up of 1% (relatively speaking) to mark the bottom?

Let’s look to the charts and see what they are whispering to us at the end of this volatile trading week.

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