Did This Number Go Up For You?

Did This Number Go Up For You?

The reason people spend so much time buying pick-of-the-month investment newsletters, looking at price charts and reading investment news via Twitter, Facebook and emails is because they want to grow their money.

AND they believe that if they put more work into investigating stocks, their money will grow.

But what they really want is to grow their net worth.  A bigger net worth number will provide them with more choices, freedom, and they will have more control of what their future will look like.

So these people head down a path of attempting to grow their saved money by 50% a year; something no one has ever done.  Yet, they are not looking at the facts or the probability of it happening.

The fact is, this is not really how net worth grows.  The reason that I’m mentioning net worth is because I have had a few people email me over the past few weeks about their stock market account.  These are people who own and have exposure to gold.  And since gold has been down over the past 24 months, that was a concern to them.

I want to share a conversation that I had with both of them, as it may help you understand which direction your financial life is going.

My question to you is: “What direction is your net worth moving?”


This is not necessarily asking what direction your individual stocks are moving, or the asset class that you’re invested in; but what is happening with your net worth.

Do you even know what your net worth is?  There are people who earn well, making $200,000-$300,000 annually, but can’t get ahead.  This is due to their expenses and lifestyle increasing as fast as their income is.  I refer to these people as the “working rich”.

Most people, including the working rich, know how much they make.  They have anchored their wealth (or the wealth they think that they should have) to their income.  However, they get confused and can’t quite understand why they don’t feel richer.

This is because they aren’t measuring their net worth, let alone even knowing what that number is.

Below is my very simple, but very powerful, formula.  Those who follow this formula seem to have more and more choices, freedom and security in their future.


So your net worth (or the Direction of Your Financial Life) has three inputs.  Those are: what you earn, what you put away from what you earn, and what you do to accelerate the money that you put away.

Of the emails that I received in the past few weeks, one person mentioned that their stock market account is down for the past two years.  Since I had worked with this person in the past, he wanted to know if this was a concern to me since he had paid for my services.

I asked him what was going on with his net worth over the past two years.  The reason I asked this is because if people expect their portfolio to be going up every one to two years, I think that it is a mistake. Also, this person’s two biggest holds were gold and Apple.

The most important number in a person’s financial life is not their income, their checking account balance, or their portfolio balance; it is their net worth number and the direction it is moving.

Just so we are clear, the only two directions a net worth can trend is up or down. There is no sideways, as the world has this thing called inflation (despite what the government tries to feed to us).

There ARE people who have grown their stock market portfolios over the past one to four years.  But, I can almost guarantee that their net worth is down because they are paying attention to the wrong numbers. Stock market portfolio alone does not guarantee net worth going up or down. It is an important input, but not the only one.

So, do you know with conscious competency which direction your net worth is moving?

If not, then you will want to get on this, as this IS the biggest determining factor to how your future looks and feels.

My final thought for the week is: “Volatility only bothers people when it’s downward trending.”


I have never had someone complain or get upset when they are invested something and volatility is moving in their favor.

Nobody is complaining about the stock market’s volatility upward trend, because the trillions of dollars of money printing feels good to people.  The point that I am making is that volatility is always in the market at all times and people only notice it, or wake up to it, when it moves against them.  Right now, volatility is moving against gold owners.

Please remember dear investor, volatility moves in equal directions.

Just be aware that it works both ways…

Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,

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