Did You Abandon This In 2016?

“People abandon the obvious choice that works in search of the perfect [complicated] choice that’s impossible to follow.”

You’ve heard me say it hundreds of times…

Our brains are designed to create complexity so that we can then survive. This is how the brain was wired…to survive.

Yes, even your brain.

The brain’s that were constantly looking out for the danger (wild animals with big teeth) were the ones that gave birth to your ancestors.

So what does the modern-day brain do when there isn’t any danger to survive…like today if you live in the developed world?

Simple, the modern-day brain creates its’ own dangerous situation that it then tries to survive.

AND the brain does this in all areas of its life

… marriages, kids, parents, friends
… investing
… job
… health

You name it and the human brain is [right now] figuring out a way to create complexity to then survive that self-designed complexity.

The answer…at least in the wealth part of your life:

First, realize this is happening.
Second, realize you can’t stop it, nor do you need to.
Third, implement an evidence-based strategy that understands the short-comings of the modern-day brain.
Fourth, use the checklist that the “evidence-based” strategy implements.
Fifth, deliberately choose another area of your life to complicate.

This is the first 2017 podcast. And as we start the new year, it gives me time to reflect.

And my biggest reflection – four price charts.

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In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP