Did You See Gold’s Move Yesterday? An update…

Do you have interest in owning gold?

Actually, that’s not the right question…

Do you have interest in protecting your portfolio and future from misguided government interventions and manipulation?

If so, I want to show you five charts.

And specifically point out to you why PeakGold 1.0, PeakGold 2.0 happened and why PeakGold 3.0 is happening right now.

Knowing where we are in the PeakGold cycle is important because there’s no reason to ever own gold when the world is NOT in a “PeakGold” Cycle.

That means (sacred cows and all) the idea of always allocating 5% to 10% of your money in gold is a myth and dangerous to your wealth.

Just ask people that owned gold in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

This idea of not always owning gold, flies in the face of every gold “pick-of-the-month” newsletter service, which sells people on the idea that gold is always a part of a “well diversified” portfolio.

That’s garbage.

Follow this link to see this weekend’s podcast where I talk about what’s going on with gold and world affairs.

— — —

One more thing.

IF you are curious.

I ran a PeakGold training workshop this week… It was one of those days, that everything went wrong. GoToWebinar crashed one minute before I was going to start the training and then 20 minutes into the training AT&T cut my internet access for five minutes.


I did something unusual.

I posted the training on my site for a limited time for the more than 1,000 attendees. I told them the recording of the training would get pulled down today, Saturday.

But, its such a powerful training that I wanted to keep it live for another 24 hours. So I’ve given strict instructions to Patty to pull down the PeakGold training webinar Sunday at midnight Pacific time, no exceptions.

Everything you want to know about PeakGold will be covered in that training…

And one more thing that is very unusual.

I offered access to my research (this is not the part that is unusual). And not just the PeakGold research but to ALL of my research (both present and future).

Every strategy that I’ve built and use today I’ve given access to it in this offer.

The idea came to me last week…

I never want another person to be up-sold once they joined at the level I’m offering at the end of the PeakGold training.

That means, as long as I’m researching, creating and building/refining strategies, they will get full access to all of my research.

Again, both present and future.

They will never get an email up-selling them to new research from me. Ever.

When I build a new strategy or design a new service based on my research, they get it. No up-sell. No hype. Just an email letting them know how to get access to it.

As long as they are a paid-up member and in good standing, they get it.

It’s my new “no up-sell” policy. And I’m very excited about it.

Of course, if you want my personal time through my coaching/mentoring or access to my money management service that is a completely different conversation and fee structure.

So with the PeakGold Training and the no “up-sell” offer getting rave reviews. I’m excited to share them both with you for the next 24hrs.

You can watch the PeakGold Training Webinar right here for a limited time. And then it will get taken down Sunday at midnight Pacific time.

In Your Corner,

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