Does size matter…?


Does Size Matter…?

No ladies, I’m not talking about that…

I’m talking about the closely held belief that people should be allocated across different sized stocks.

As you know I believe stock-diversification is a tax on your life, your portfolio and your security.

Because you know what?

Once in a while everyone should follow the good old advice of Winston Churchill. He’s been overheard from time to time saying to established, “dig-your-heels-in” type people the following…

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

And I’m asking you to look at the results of being diversified. Because if you did, which I get, most wouldn’t dare do.

But if you did, then you’d notice it’s an expense.

It was an expense in 2011, when the market fell 20% in six weeks.
It was an expense in 2008, when the market eventually fell 58%.
It was an expense in 2000, when the market eventually fell 49%.

AND… and I really want you to get this.

It’s an expense when the market is going higher!!!

It’s not a strategy, at least not for you.

It’s an expense.

So, do you know what size is kicking butt this year? And do you know what size stock has done best since the June 23rd Brexit vote?

Well, I think you might want to know.

And if you follow the link to episode #341, then you’ll immediately be able to tell what size matters most.

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In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP