Five Stock Market Prediction For the Final Innings Of This Bull Market

Change is coming. But not how most expect.

And those who don’t prepare are unfortunately going to have a very rough few years. As the 60/40 stock bond split “balanced” portfolio is not going to do the heavy lifting that it has in the past. 

The problem? Those darn bonds. 10 year treasuries are negative in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Japan. Yes bonds are going up right now and will continue to but after bonds yield zero or negative a lot of their power (read: yield) disappears. 

And as far as the stock market. Sure the market has always come back but it might not matter as much if it takes ten or fifteen years to do so. 

Ten to 15 years of getting back to where you are right now seems like a loss even if you get all of your money… 

Five stock market predictions for the coming end of the bull market.

Below is a link to my video where you can watch and listen to my predictions. 

Prediction #1 is about how much farther the US stock market has to go and then just how far it’s going to fall once it gets there.  

Prediction #2 is about gold and where the yellow metal is headed by the end of the year. Out of all my predictions this is the one that might be the most controversial. But I will say this. If Powell losses control, which he might have already done, gold (and the US Dollar and Japanese Yen) will be the receiver of all that worry as money could very likely come rushing in.

Prediction #3 is about the international stock market and what will happen to it going into the inevitable recession. 

Prediction #4 has to do with Emerging Markets and whether they’re going to be able to catch up to the US market’s performance before the big fall. 

And then finally my 5th prediction, which I’ll keep a secret. 

International Stock Markets Beware.

If you have money in international markets AND every big-box portfolio does. Then this is a must watch video for you as its very likely you’ve been dragging around a 35% anchor for the past ten years. 

What’s a 35% anchor?

An anchor that slows the growth of your money by 35%. But does not provide any benefit to your money or life.

Check out the video I created below titled: Five Stock Market Predictions for the Final Innings of this Bull Run.

Why predictions?

You’ll see in the video. There’s a slant and a powerful message that can come from making a prediction. 

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

PS – I’ve got four things for you this week…

(1) Why Predicting Can Be Important (and dangerous)…
I’ve changed my mind about predicting. And you are going to start to read and hear me talk more about predicting or more accurately, setting expectations. Setting expectations is so crucial to the growth of your money and I’ll spend an entire blog post on this idea in the near future. Until then, enjoy this very well written piece on predicting. 

(2) Something To Ponder This Weekend…
The second law of thermodynamics isn’t true because it was invented by Isaac Newton, it’s simply true. Newton merely described it. More from Seth here. 

(3) Chart of the week…
What could possibly go wrong with this picture? As in, no one has ever said in their life, “hey… I’m super excited about my negative yielding bond portfolio.”

(4) And one more…
If you have the right symbol then you solved [only] 10% of your problems. The other 90% is strategic and the best symbols in the world can’t save you until your brain has dumped the head trash and rewired for growth. All of this can often be solved with this conversation.

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