Forget The News… Follow This Instead

19 years ago, exactly one week ago to the day. I stopped watching news. TV news to be exact.

I realized TV-based news was really just another sitcom on TV. Yes, it had slightly different content but the premise was the same…

Capture people’s attention so they stick around for the commercials.

And look, lets just call it what it is…

If it’s on the news, then it’s a low probability event.

But people are so drawn to low probability events because they trigger our limbic system. The part of our brain that manages our emotions (fear mostly).

So low probability events have a bit of fascination to me. Actually let me correct that. Low probability financial events have a fascination to me.

And they should to you too if you want to get back control over your finances again.

In this week’s weekend podcast, which happens to be episode #340. I am going to show you exactly how you may want to think about these events and the growth of your portfolio over the next [very bumpy] few years.

You can get immediate access right here.

As a reminder, my weekend podcasts are about showing what’s most important this week so you can get back control over your future again.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP