Frozen Kids, Justin Kennedy & the Stock Market

I make my son do scary things.

If my son (10 years old) wants something at a store. He’s the one that goes up to the sales associate and asks if they have it in the color he wants. Not me.

If he orders something at a restaurant that did not turn out well, not cooked through, tastes bad. He’s the one that flags down the wait staff and asks them to take it back. Not me. I know adults that will eat bad meals because they’re too frightened to saying something.

I’ve been “making him” do these scary things since he’s been five.

Just last week we were at our local grocery store and the ice freezer thingy that holds all the bags of ice was empty and he thought it might be fun to go stand in the freezer and pretend to be frozen.

Practice Being Scared Safely

But he was hesitant.

He didn’t want to get in trouble.

So I asked him, what type of trouble do you think you’d get in? He said, we might be asked to leave the store or stop playing in the ice freezer. Someone might get mad at me.

And then I asked how that would make him feel, if someone told him to stop doing that in a mad voice? He said, it would feel scary, like I might get in trouble.

What Rules Are You Following? Are They Yours… or Societies?

As a dad I walk the line between following the right rules and breaking the rules that aren’t really that important… like having fun in an ice freezer thingy.

So we did it.

We played in the freezer. I was committed to playing in the freezer until we “got in trouble.”

After about five minutes of taking turns in the freezer, which by the way was about 20 feet away from the cashier, we finally got in trouble.

The women cashier, maybe 27 years old, finally yelled over to us, to stop playing in the freezer. In fact she said, “please stop playing in the freezer.” She said please!

She was annoyed… but not that annoyed. I mean, how annoyed can someone really get when they see a dad playing with his two kids?

And she was actually directing her “yell” to me and not the kids. I said, “Did you hear that? She was mad at me and not you.”

How Would You Know If The Stock Market Was As Scared As You?

I asked my son how it felt to be on the receiving end of her anger.

His answer, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

You see, the fear of the fear is always (read: I know statistically it can’t be always but its a number so close to always that I’m just going to say always) scarier than the actual event.

And that is what I wanted my son to experience. I call it, “safe scared-ness.”

My daughter was also playing the game with us too.

You can see her in the reflection on the right glass door in the image below. And that 10 year old beauty in the freezer, well, that my son, attempting to act frozen while smiling and hoping the cashier would not yell at us.

So here we are the 27th week of 2018… should we be scared?

If you watch the news, it sounds like the stock market is going to get cut in half anyday.

If you are reading about Trump and Anthony Kennedy and Justin Kennedy and Trade Wars and the market crashing to zero, then sure, I get it.


If the US stock market is going to fall and collapse then its going to have to start moving lower.

[optin-monster-shortcode id=”i72q7lv1bxf4vi8trgun”]

And it’s not. It’s been in a sideways channel for six months.

Sideways is not down.

So until the US stock market gets scared its going to be hard for me to get scared. After all the US stock market is better at measuring scaredness then I am.

In fact there is not a better measurement of future scared-ness then the stock market.

Below is a price chart of the most followed stock index in the world. This particular image is a tracking ETF with dividends reinvested of the S&P500. The green section in the chart is about eight months wide… just slowly going sideways to up.  

SP500 - IVV

Have a great weekend.

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

P.S. I can’t think of a better skill to learn on this planet then understanding your own emotions in regards to your relationships, health and wealth. After all behind every choice is a conscious or unconscious feeling that happens first right before you act the way you do.

Keep a look out for my newest training in the last two years. I’m calling it Wealth on Demand and I’ve been working on it all year.


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