German Yields Rule The World

These charts will change how you see everything. 

Let me explain. 

We’ve all been taught to fight the last war. 

In the 1970’s and 1980’s “NOT being diversified” was where the war was waged. And then the world got index funds and Mutual Funds and ETFs. And now today people are still being taught to battle the past war of “NOT being diversified.”

So what are people being taught today. To be over-diversified to protect themselves. And this over-diversification is costing them a better life. 

There are people being taught to worry about inverted yield curves (last war), P/E ratios (last war), real estate prices (last war), dividend yields (last war), Fed money printing (last war) and politicians (last war).

Indicators stop working when the entire world is focusing on them. 

So what’s the world not seeing but should?

Good question. 

I built three price charts that are all looking at the same thing. Gold is watching this one thing. US stocks are watching this one thing. And the bond market is watching this one thing.

And. No. One. Is. Talking. About. It. 

You can find this week’s video below. As you will see why I can say without hype, “This will change how you see everything.”

But knowledge is not enough. 

And seeing this week’s video is not enough. You have to train your brain. And train your money to do what it’s supposed to when it’s supposed to do it. Without fear stopping or hijacking you. 

Training your brain is the answer. 

In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

PS – I’ve have five extra things for my Money Badges this week…

(1) Price explains the news.
Was it was a good week/month/quarter/year? Price will tell you. Train your brain to follow price. 

(2) The Fog of War
If you have not watched this gem of a movie then it will be worth your time. Robert’s 11th lesson is worth the entire movie. Let me know what you think. 

(3) A thought I’ve been pondering 
Caveat Lector… (reader beware). Your mind is going to be hijacked by the words you read.

(4) I’ve railed against this guy for years…
For more than 10 years I’ve talked about how this one guy created more bankruptcies in US history than any other person. He single handedly took the market down. And yet, people revered him. Shame on him. 

(5) Training is actually what you’ve been looking for all this time…
If you have the right symbol then you’ve solved [only] 10% of your problems. The other 90% is acting how you are supposed to act when you are supposed to act that way. AND the best symbols in the world can’t save you if the entire market is dumping. Or you don’t do what you are supposed to do. Training and this conversation is what you’ve really been looking for.

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