Get Perspective Or Lose Money

Are you a democrat or a republican?

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
Do you love Fox News or hate it?
Are you pro-Israel or pro-Palestine?

I’m asking because it matters…

People live their lives based on certain presuppositions that they believe to be true. Do you believe that you should have your money diversified over ten asset classes that are rebalanced annually?

Because if you do, then you must presuppose that having your “well-diversified” account rebalanced once a year is what’s best for your money.

You get it?

People are aligning their money to their beliefs and not what’s actually best for their money. But they don’t question their alignment because it’s what they truly believe.

And beliefs are a sticky thing to shift…mostly because they occur to people like the truth.

One of the best tools in my arsenal is a special type of price chart that instantly yells at you the answer to where your money should be.

No bias. No illusions. No effects.

Just a clear visual pattern that tells your brain immediately what is happening.

I’ve included three of them in this weekend’s podcast.

You can find them right here.

In Your Corner,

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