Gold and Silver’s Meteoric Rise To Continue

I do not take pleasure in the pain that so many Americans are in right now.

The middle class of this country is on their knees and begging. Unfortunately this is not going to change until the leaders of our country change their approach of ‘tax – borrow – spend’.

Most people’s investment accounts have another seven hard years of pain, this is on the back of the past 10 years of pain most people have suffered.

No country in the history of the world has kept its greatness by deficit spending, market manipulation and currency printing. Countries grow and keep their greatness by allowing their citizens to innovate, fail and have access to free markets.

Basically, the only thing that is left from that list is innovation.

It’s been my life’s work to shepherd my clients and their money to safe and abundant pastures.

With gold hitting an [absolute] life time high of $1310 and silver at a 30 year high of $22 and many precious metal mining companies hitting all time highs we are protecting our life’s work and money for our futures and for the future of our kids.

The media is 100% correct.

The division between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is widening. And being smart and prudent with your money right now is the critical factor that will determine which group you will be part of.

Do you get it? It’s your choice.

Though gold and silver have gone up for ten years there is still time for you to get a position.

Depending on what our government continues to do to debase our currency we will see gold finish its meteoric rise somewhere between $6,000 to $10,000 an ounce. And silver will top out at $379 an ounce.

So when gold sits at $1310 and silver sits at $22 an ounce you can see that there is a large upside to their move still to come.

I will leave you with this sobering thought. One of which I have been yelling on the roof tops since 2005 (a year after I started buying gold and advising my clients to buy gold too).

What I said back in 2005 when everyone was elbowing to buy Miami Condos was the following,

“If you are hearing my voice then you will eventually be buying gold…you just don’t know it yet. As the safest time for a human to buy into an investment is at the very top when all the other humans are buying. After all we are tribal animals. Of course none of us think of ourselves at tribal or even herd like.  But isn’t it humans who seek out ‘social proof’? When gold is north of $2500 ‘social proof buying’ will kick in just like it did for tech stocks in 1998. And by that time it might be too late. So buy now.”

In my Insiders Club I provide (among many things) a “model portfolio”. That model portfolio is very well positioned to protect your future and your kid’s future from what the government is doing to this great country. I’m not talking about what is going to happen. IT IS HAPPENING. RIGHT NOW.

You have choices.

If you would like to have a non Wall Street view on what’s best for your money and position yourself for a safe and secure future it is not too late. If you want to rebuild your portfolio and make up for lost time the Insiders Club is for you.

And if you choose to not check us out that is fine, but do your future and your family’s future a favor and go buy some gold and silver today. You will thank yourself in five years that you did.

And if you are waiting for those butterfly feelings in your stomach to go away before buying precious metals then you will be waiting a life time.

If you want to guarantee to have a seat at the table with the group that comes out of this global mess richer, stronger and with more choices then click the link right here. I am 100% certain that the Insiders Club will pay for itself and would benefit 90% of my readers. The difficulty lies only in getting people to try it. The reality is you ought to consider the purchase price as an investment, not an expense, because a membership will improve your investing skills and results.

My current offers ends on October 15th and then it will go up in price. I promise.

Together, we are growing and protecting your wealth,

RC Peck, CFP

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