Gold, Family Vacations, And Momentum

The newest part of our brain is the pre-frontal lobes.The pre-frontal lobes are the logic part of our brain. It’s the part that allows us to plan for retirement and vacations for example. It’s able to look into the future and make decisions that will affect us 10, 20, and 30 years later.

It’s also the part of the brain we use before we invest in the stock market.

And then…when the money is invested … Watch out!

All hell breaks loose.

Now, the pre-frontal lobes have no chance. So whatever logic or thoughts they had about the XYZ fund or ABC stock, all those thoughts are thrown out the window.

And now the rest of the brain takes over.

And when I say the rest of the brain, I mean the parts of the brain that were designed to survive life and keep us alive.

The parts of the brain that got us here by saying RUN!!! to our ancestors 1,000 years ago…or 10,000 years ago when the thing with big teeth was chasing after us.

So to think we are going to be the same person with the same beliefs once our money is at risk is to be someone that isn’t paying attention.

And it’s this reason why logic doesn’t overpower biology within investing.

And it’s this reason why I look to the price charts to give us direction and guidance. And to keep our emotions out as much as we can.

So with that I want to show you two gold price charts….right here

Why gold?

Because gold is the most emotional asset on the planet. Humans have been trading and investing in gold since before the bible.

It was the gold around a person’s neck that would keep them alive. It was their future. It was their calories. It was their hope.

So I want to show you where gold is most likely headed. You can find that right here


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