Gold…Is It Time?

There is only one thing that can move the price of gold up or down…and only one thing.
It’s not…
Money printing
A zero interest rate policy in the US
A negative interest rate policy in the EU
Bad unemployment numbers in the US or the EU
A slowing economy In China or Japan or anywhere else.
The only thing that moves gold higher or lower is the ‘change in concern’ for the future from hundreds of millions of free thinking investors around the world.
If the masses are less worried about the future, then they own less “insurance”.
And if the masses are more worried about the future, then they own more “insurance”.
And the insurance of choice for future uncertainty has been gold for 2,000 years.
So with that I want to show you 10 very specific price charts, none of them are actually price charts of gold.
These 10 charts are even better than that.
These 10 unique price charts represent an inside look of what is actually happening within gold. They provide a point of view that you could never get by looking directly at a gold price chart.
You can get access right here.


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