Gold vs. Stocks 2019

Is gold about rip higher?

How’s that for a headline?

Some believe gold is ready to take off.  Jeffrey Gundlach is one of them and is betting on it.  CNBC covers Jeffrey’s latest opinions on gold right here.

So look…

I like gold.

And have for a long time. And if you’ve never held a gold coin in your hand go do it and you’ll immediately get why so many people love gold.

It’s in our DNA.

But does that mean gold’s time is now? And just because you love something does that mean you have to always own it?

I recorded a gold video  and posted it to my Youtube Channel. You’re going to want to check it out if you own gold or are thinking about buying gold.

Let me know what you think?

And if you think I missed something or was too biased then simply email me at and let me know what I might have overlooked.

And for my subscribers…

Is there something better than gold?

Something that is an even better protector of futures? Yes, is the short answer.  And I will be putting a video together for you, my dear investment tribe, so you can start to prepare for the coming storm.

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In Your Corner,

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RC Peck, CFP

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