Guess What The Strongest Currency Is Today? – Weekend Podcast 8.30.14

Guess what the strongest currency is today?If you had to guess, what would you say has been the strongest currency over the last three years?

Here are the numbers to four of the biggest currencies on the planet:

Currency one = down 27%
Currency two = down 10%
Currency three = down 30%
Currency four = up 11%

More than 95% of all the worlds goods are settled in these four currencies.

So it might surprise you to learn that within the next five years two of these will fall by another 20 to 50%, while one will stubbornly get stronger, with the fourth powering higher than anyone could ever possibly imagine.

Join me in this weekend’s podcast where we will look at these four currencies to learn where your money should be “sitting”.

You can watch it right here.

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